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Musician, composer and doublebass performer

Family line of musicians

Agustí CERVERA-Marquès

Agustí CERVERA Marquès

Castelló d'Empúries, 1870

Barcelona, 1947

  He was born in Castelló d'Empúries in 1870. Married Nieves Lopez and Fernandez had two daughters: Fuensanta and Mercedes. He lived many years in Figueres to spend the last years of his life in Barcelona, home to his eldest daughter, died on December 16, 1947.


  Pursued a musical career similar to his brother Philip. Like him, got the basics as a child of his father. He knew a lesser degree than Philip, all the instruments of the couplet. His main instrument was the violin and the tible to the couplet, also playing the flute and the piano acceptably.


  As mentioned in speaking of Felip Cervera, joined together with this and his father's orchestra and later Peralada Old Joe as director for 10 years. Who was taken off by the level of the couplet during his stay in Paris the first trips. In 1910 the couplet leaves to devote himself to teaching music and the violin, such as the college of Immaculate Figueres. Francesc Civil locates us a year later in the couplet Art Girona noting that it was an excellent violin. Also directed the choir of the Choral Society Erato.


  His career as a composer was varied concerts, Sardana as "Dahlia" and see how some could be without: "Records of Puigcerdà", "A complaint of love", "wild flowers", "Record of the beach Garvet "etc..


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