Festival Castell Peralada

Musician, composer and doublebass performer

Family line of musicians

Jaume CERVERA-Berta

Jaume CERVERA Berta

Figueres 1888

Roses 1905

  He was born in Figueres on 6 June 1888. He received a solid musical education by his father, choosing the bass as an instrument. He entered the couplet when Old Joe was only 15 years, alongside his father and uncle Augustine.


  His career was cut short once on 16 July 1905 when a strong north wind that set off the bay of Roses suddenly turned around the boat on which he was sailing along with fellow returning from a party. The balance of the accident was 4 or 5 drowning victims including the young bassist.


  His place in the Antiga Pep Orchestra was covered by his cousin-brother Josep Cervera and Bret who became a virtuoso of which discuss supply below.

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