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Musician, composer and doublebass performer

Family line of musicians

Josep CERVERA-Bret

Josep CERVERA Bret

Peralada, 1883

Roses, 1969

  Born in Peralada September 1, 1883, son of Jaume Cervera-Marquès, Castelló d'Empúries and Maria Bret-Campmol from Borrassà. There had seven children: Josep, Joan, Maria, Martí, Emili, Isabel and Neus, of which only he devoted himself fully to music. Married with Estrella Lliuró-Monill, Mollet de Peralada. They had five children: Jaume, Josep-Maria, Joan, Emili and Neus none of which, as explained later followed the music.



  His music passed naturally from father to son, James Cervera and Marquis, then director of the school Peralada Castle, started in infancy small musical Joseph. With this sentence the son, Emilio, "was born with the instruments under his arm." The primary school also made the Peralada, as a child standing in mathematics, and literature as in music.


Jaume Cervera-Marquès, was in that moment the director of the Music of School of the Peralada's, started very early to teach music to Josep. 
............ "he was born with the misc intruments under the arm

  Born into a religious family and pushed a little by his father, he entered the seminary 10 years in Girona. Here is consolidating its formation and according to the fellow had a surprising facility for mathematics. In fact he liked because of all those small things that had difficulties logarithms, puzzle, puzzles, riddles, Mechanical Engineering ... Already at that time was a good chess player. Always wanted to know why things.


  In the seminar also progressed in the study of music, directs the choir and is the first small compositions and musical arrangements, and the early poems. He spends his summers on his comprehensive musical training. But after eight years, was then 18, left the seminary and returned to the paternal home in Peralada.


Peralada 1883 - 1969 Roses


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